Same Day Dental Crowns Available in West Seattle, WA

A damaged tooth needs dental care because a tooth will never heal itself. Getting a dental crown is one popular option for fixing a damaged tooth. The strong crown covers the tooth and protects it from further fracturing. Conventional dental crowns typically take two appointments to complete. At Junction Dental, we have the technology to offer our patients same day dental crowns. Our locally-owned dental practice in West Seattle is the only dental office you need for all your dental cares, including restorative services such as same day crowns.

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What can you expect when working with a same-day crown dentist?

When you come in for your appointment, we follow a procedure that looks like this:

  • First, we evaluate your damaged tooth and confirm that it is appropriate for a same day crown treatment.
  • We explain the complete procedure to you, including costs. We want everything to be clear and understandable before you sign the consent form.
  • When you’re ready, we will numb your mouth with anesthetic.
  • We reduce the tooth surface by 1-2 mm.
  • We scan your tooth with a digital 3D scanner that is much more comfortable than the traditional goopy materials used by some dentists.
  • Then, you have time to run errands or relax in the operatory while your crown is made right in our office. Crown fabrication takes 45 minutes to an hour.
  • When it has been created in our state-of-the-art CEREC system, it’s time for the crown to be fitted in your mouth.
  • We cement the crown permanently into place.
  • Finally, you receive post-op instructions, and you go on your way!

What is a CEREC Crown?

CEREC is a system created by the dental company Dentsply Sirona. The CEREC system creates a virtual 3D model of your mouth and teeth and then designs the dental crown in CAD/CAM software. The design model information is sent wirelessly to a milling station that we have in our office which cuts and grinds a variety of ceramic material options, depending on the patient’s needs. Some materials are ready to cement in the mouth after polishing while some require an additional firing process to achieve final crystallization and all the characteristics necessary for perfect esthetics and strength. 

At Junction Dental, we use our CEREC system to 3D scan, design, and mill crowns in one visit.

Are Same Day Crowns as Good as Crowns that Require Two Appointments?

Absolutely. Same day crowns use an established technology that has more than 30 years of proven track records. In our experience, we find that the materials produced by our CEREC system look beautiful and are very durable.

How Long Do Same Day Crowns Last?

They last just as long as traditional crowns. This can be 7-10 years or much longer if the patient practices good oral health care.

How Long Does the One-Visit Crown Appointment Take?

We typically ask to reserve two hours for the appointment. One hour is for the actual treatment, and the fabrication process takes another 45 minutes to an hour. During the fabrication process, the patient is usually free to run errands or relax.

Does it Hurt to Get a Dental Crown?

It usually doesn’t hurt much at all. Discomfort is minimized with adequate anesthetic during the procedure. Patients can expect 24-48 hours of tenderness when biting. Over-the-counter pain medication is often recommended.

Will a Dental Crown Work if My Tooth is Very Damaged?

Typically, we need 4 mm of good tooth structure above the gums to apply a dental crown. This can vary based on specific circumstances. We will evaluate your damaged tooth and decide if we can use posts and buildups to help recover lost structure, which will make it possible to use a dental crown.

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Dr. Iversen is a professional dentist who will take the time to explain your tooth situation and all the options available to you. Your life has enough pressure without adding stressful dental appointments to it. That’s why Dr. Iversen and the entire Junction Dental staff is dedicated to making your dental experience efficient, positive, and even enjoyable! We are excited to offer same day dental crown treatments to our valued patients. Please call us or contact us online to request your appointment.